Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA

Teen Parent Program

The Longview School District is one of 23 districts in Washington State to offer the GRADS Teen Parent Program. The program is designed to support the educational needs of high school parents and their children. The program has three specific components: supporting students to graduate from high school, providing solid parenting skills to teen parents, and providing early childhood education to the children of teen parents.

Supporting the parent’s educational needs is critical, as earning a high school diploma provides them with the greatest opportunities for a successful future. Preparing students for the challenges of parenthood strengthens the parent-child relationship and builds essential bonding, attachment, and resilience skills in both the teen parents and their children. The Teen Parent Program assists young parents in the development of parenting skills and in meeting high school graduation requirements while their children have onsite access to high quality childcare and early childhood education through a partnership with the Lower Columbia College Early Head Start program.

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