Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA

Student Opportunities

Benefiting Students Through Activities

At Longview Public Schools, students have many pathways to grow and thrive. Fantastic opportunities exist from academic, arts, athletic, and activity perspectives. Studies show that students who participate in athletics or activities tend to have a deeper level of engagement in school resulting in higher academic achievement. Please visit the links below to learn more about the student opportunities to grow and thrive at Longview Public Schools.

Resources for Parents & Families

Providing our students with the best possible education is our focus every day. To provide students the best education possible we also support families with a range of resources. A big resource the district has is the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) located at Monticello Middle School. The FCRC is open to all students, parents, and families from across the district to receive support and establish connections with community partners that can help them. Please visit the links below to learn more about the numerous resources for parents and families.

Support Services

Longview Mental Health Resources Brochure - Download