Longview School District


Longview, WA, USA

Points of Pride

Longview has a strong tradition of excellence in diverse arenas. Current and former students and outstanding staff members are all part of our rich success story. Thank you for viewing our examples of excellence which help illustrate the district’s vision– “Ready to learn, ready for life; together we aspire and achieve!”

Longview Luminaries

The schools and community of Longview, Washington have long supported the development of outstanding individuals whose contributions have enriched the city, state, nation, and world.  We hope you enjoy reading about some of these notable individuals and the nurturing community from which they came. These bright spots in the world exemplify the values that the Longview School District aims to instill in all of its students to serve as beacons of integrity, passion, and brilliance.


Awards & Achievements

Longview staff members and students shine in a variety of venues–professional excellence, academics, athletics, and citizenship. We are proud to share some recent outstanding examples of excellence that characterize members of our school community.  Thank you for your interest in our achievers!


Star Polishers

The Star Polisher project invites students to share stories about staff members—teachers, administrators and support staff—who have helped them feel connected and become successful at school.

This project supports the district’s focus area of “Student Connectedness” in which staff strive to “create meaningful relationships with our students to promote their academic success.” The Star Polisher Project gives our students an opportunity to reflect on how staff members are helping them connect to school and also will give our staff feedback on the positive impacts they have on their students.


Employees of the Month

Longview Public Schools’ Employee of the Month recognition program was launched in 2013 to recognize good work that takes place on a regular basis by both our certificated and classified employees.  For employees of the month from 2013-2015, please visit our Pinterest board.

To submit an Employee of the Month form, Click Here


Rising Stars

Longview Public Schools help students launch successfully into college and career. We’d like to introduce a number of our (fairly recent) graduates and highlight their accomplishments and career trajectories. We invite recent graduates to share their story by completing the submission form and submitting a recent photo.


Staff Spotlight

Longview Public Schools teachers, support staff, and administrators are some of the best anywhere. The Staff Spotlight series introduces the people who make the school district successful. We hope you enjoy.