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Superintendent Dan Zorn, October 2021

Superintendent Dan Zorn, October 2021

A Message from Superintendent Dan Zorn

Providing our Kids a Great Education 

The past 18 months has been tough on all of us, and in particular, on our kids. Before the pandemic started Longview students were showing fantastic academic growth in both Literacy and Mathematics. The incredible academic gains were due to a combination of hard work and dedication by our families, students and the employees in each of our schools in providing each child the best education possible. With kids back in the classroom full-time, we continue to focus on helping all students maximize their potential. 

The district high school graduation rate exceeded the state average for the fourth year in a row. Last year 87 percent of our students graduated from high school prepared to enter the work-force, enlist in the military or move on to more schooling. While 87 percent is good, our goal is to do better. We are focused on providing our students the best academic and emotional support possible to prepare them for life after high school. Supporting the “whole child” is incredibly important and will help our kids get a great start in life. 

While educating our kids is always the top priority of the district we are also working to achieve other important goals. This past year the facilities team has worked very hard completing maintenance projects across all our schools. We have installed new flooring, security fencing, security lighting, HVAC systems, irrigation to school and sports fields and much more. The public has provided the district with great facilities and we are working very hard to keep them in good shape. 

The public school system has one of the most important jobs in our community – educating our kids and we appreciate your support of Longview schools. 


Dan Zorn, Superintendent 
Longview Public Schools

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Each month, Superintendent Dan Zorn records a commentary for the Longview community regarding school district news and events. Here is the first commentary for the 2021-2022 school year. Thank you Bicoastal Media for all your help in facilitating this commentary! 

Mark Morris Grad with Parent and Principal

Dear Parents and Families,

As the 2020-21 school year comes to an end I want to thank you for your support, flexibility and understanding this year. The past year put everyone through difficult circumstances that are thankfully behind us.  I am incredibly proud of our students and our families for their perseverance and achievement in the midst of this challenging school year.